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Name: Amber Nothing
Legal Name: Akane Westerfield
Age: 18
Concept: the Anti-Lolita

Akane survived the California foster care system by becoming savvy, tough and a little cold-blooded. When she was adopted at age 14 by a man looking for his personal Lolita, she spent two years manipulating him into keeping his hands off, even as she stole and cached both bits of his valuables and a lot of his personal information. Eventually he attempted to "consummate" their "relationship", at which point she coldly rejected him and used the dirt she'd gathered on him to force him to let her go. He subsequently killed himself, and after years of legal wrangling she became his sole heir. Akane promptly sold everything, cashed out her holdings and took off before any further family members showed up armed with lawyers. To avoid his relatives, she changed her appearance, took up a mobile life in a conversion van and assumed the persona of a mostly broke, dissipated Goth-Punk youth. Ever since, she has traveled the US, hiding her wealth and sophistication as she learns skills, reads everything she can get her hands on and considers her next move.

Akane is a little colder than your typical teenage girl, and though she can be personable and friendly, she analyzes every situation and relationship she gets into to calculate potential personal risk and gain. Power and influence interest her, although she tends to despise those who currently hold it--especially if they are older men--and scheme to take or ruin what is theirs. Her dream is to quietly become powerful enough that she never need fear for her safety or freedom again. Though she is not as hedonistic and anarchic as she pretends to be, her fear of coming under another person's power again is very real. So is her hatred of the system that robbed her of her childhood, and the kind of sexually exploitive men who forced her to sacrifice her innocence to avoid victimization. Fortunately, her focus and intellect help her from getting led too far astray by her emotions. Unfortunately, she has no acquaintance with any sort of deep emotional connection with another person, outside of a few friendships, and is skittish of taking emotional risks. She will tend to keep her interactions with others positive but superficial, hiding behind her facade--especially at first.

Akane/Amber has gone from a delicate schoolgirl look to rebellious Goth-punk, albeit better dressed than most. She tends to dress in black and dark jewel tones, usually wrapped in a battered leather jacket large enough to conceal her Glock. She claims the jacket is an old boyfriend's, but actually she bought it secondhand in Berkeley. Strategically ripped jeans, fishnets, Catholic schoolgirl skirts, bitch boots, and multiple spiked bracelets are all common. An observant person may notice that she never wears spike heels or ankle-breakers, preferring things she can run and fight in. Her one constant accessory, besides the jacket and a weapon of some kind, is the leather collar around her neck. A shattered and mutilated lock hangs from it.

Under the regalia she is an almost fragile-looking Japanese American girl, her large eyes, small frame and delicate features distracting from the wiry build she has gained from working out daily. Her eyes are so dark a brown as to be almost black, and she has cut her hair into a mussy chin-length bob with side bangs--currently dyed deep royal blue. She will tailor her manner heavily to her situation and who she is dealing with, sometimes speaking and acting like an unusually literate teenage punk, sometimes like a demure ingenue, and sometimes like the tough, smart, ambitious get-things-done type she is inside.

Interpersonal Life
Where many girls would have come out of her experiences with hits to their pride or self-esteem, Akane took control of her situation to the point where she essentially talked her abuser into his own self destruction. This mix of toughness and strategic cruelty may have saved her from decades of therapy, but they were not without cost. Having lost a portion of her humanity in her own defense, she has a greater and more bitter understanding of how ugly the world can be than some people twice her age.

The problem is, she has almost no understanding of how beautiful the world can be, and that those she meets can be wonderful as well as terrible. She tries to avoid personal entanglements or giving away too much about herself. She is always wary of people until she knows them very, very well, and even then she will keep an eye out for the betrayal she always kind of half expects. She is not malicious, save toward the very rich, the very cruel and those men who prey on young girls. She tries to negotiate alliances and mutually beneficial arrangements wherever possible, as she has a sense of fairness. She can even be kind. But the moment she knows someone is out to hurt, deceive or take advantage of her, the gloves come off.

The best way to get her to open up, besides being consistently friendly and honest, is to have some skill, knowledge, influence or other quality that she is willing to trade for or make an alliance over. Her whole life is about pursuing self-improvement, from gaining skills to gaining influence to acquiring awesome and useful gadgets. She is attracted to men but has trouble trusting them, for obvious reasons.

Akane will avoid any situation where another person has significant power over her like the plague. The only exceptions would be an apprenticeship situation (whether a skill, magic, or as the childe of a vampire sire) where she is gaining something huge in return for her obedience, a short term contract with good pay, or similar purely pragmatic situations. Even then, she will seek to get to know the individual she is working under first. Sexually, she is a baby Domme, though she is only starting to realize this.

She has an online presence--actually several online presences under several assumed identities, usually using Tor and similar anonymizing methods. She has contacts within Anonymous and has assisted them in small ways before.

Strengths: Keen intellect, very observant, calculating, quick-witted, cool under pressure, very strong will, surprisingly tough in a fight, good liar, decent actress, some disguise skills, secret wealth

Weaknesses: Relatively low experience, skills and education, no mystic abilities/straight up hoomin (for now), various dirty secrets, trust issues, vengefulness, compulsive about learning and information gathering, still hiding from "Daddy"'s greedy, angry relatives

Equipment and Resources
Carried: high-end laptop in a heavy duty case, at least $500 in concealed cash, car keys, burner cellphone, preloaded credit card with $1000, Glock G38 .45 with extra 8-round magazine, multi-tool, makeup case with a folding knife hidden in it

Stored in Conversion Van: Remington 887 tactical 12-gauge shotgun, case of ammo for each weapon, food and supplies for 2 weeks, hidden caches of cash, preloaded cards and silver bullion totaling $1 million, Kindle Fire with huge cache of e-books, extensive and varied wardrobe, professional makeup and wigs, mountain bike (for quick escapes)

Living Situation: Akane generally pays off whatever guards are watching a parking lot or structure (preferred) so she can park her conversion van there for the night. Some nights, such as when she is meeting someone she doesn't want knowing too much about her, she will instead sleep in a hotel--a flophouse or hostel if she's playing the street punk, or something higher end if she's doing business or wants to impress someone.


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