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Name:Akane Nothing
Birthdate:Oct 30
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
This is a roleplay journal. This is nothing but a roleplay journal. If this were the journal of an actual person, she would look quite a bit different from Nakashima Mika.

Akane is an OC designed to fit into pretty much any contemporary Earth based universe. Basically, she is a deconstruction of the "broken bird" trope, in that she actually is tough, sneaky, clever and capable, but deliberately lets others underestimate her and assume she is far more fragile and inoccuous than she really is. Although she has a sense of right and wrong, she is power-hungry, anarchic and a bit cruel if angered. Her history and further details are posted on her journal.

Note: this character's history contains content warnings for sexual abuse themes (grooming) and coerced suicide (the abuser). These things will not generally come up IC unless an investigation is launched into her background.

This version of Akane is generally played as a human AU. However, she is also available in her original novel version, where she is a very angry, very tough and rebellious baby vampire.
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